School Fees

2018-2019 Fee Schedule

At Drayton Christian School we are a family.  If there ever comes a time where fees become a barrier to your child’s participation in our programs, please let Mrs. Emms or Mrs. Lalonde know.  We will do our best to partner with you to find a solution.

Program Fees

Grade 1-9 Christian Education Fee $100.00

Kindergarten Christian Education Fee $60.00

Full Time Kindergarten $275.00

K-9 Agendas $5.50

Grade 5/6 Career & Technology Foundations

Grade 5/6 CTF $40.00

Grade 7-9 Options

Term 1 Outdoor Education No Charge

Term 1 Art $45.00

Term 2 Drama/Performing Arts No Charge

Term 2 Foods $45.00

Term 3 Construction $45.00

Term 3 Photography/Cinematography No Charge

Extracurricular Fees

Grade 4-9 Archery Club $20.00

NASP Provincials $20.00

NASP Nationals $25.00

Local Archery Tournament $5.00

JH Basketball Team $35.00

JH Volleyball Team $35.00

JH Badminton Team $10.00

Rocky Mountain House Track & Field $20.00

Kindergarten to Grade 6 Swimming $41.00

Field Trips

Grade 4-9 Ski Trip $45.00

K-6 Devonian Gardens & Leduc Discovery Park $30.00

Junior High Retreat $150.00

Grade 6 Camp $100.00

Art Option Field Trip (Optional) $30.00

Outdoor Education Field Trip (Optional) $30.00


Yearbook $21.00

Recorders $7.00


"Please be advised that all fees contain a 1.5% district processing fee for online cash payments relating to the processing of credit card charges.  It should be noted that the DO Processing fee is only a partial cost recovery, and will not cover all of the online costs (which will be paid for by Division Office)".