What Students are Saying

"There is so many amazing and wonderful people at DCS, everybody is so unique and the school accentuates the uniqueness of every student. The teachers go above and beyond to make the students feel safe, at home and comfortable, by doing  things like texting you when you're not at school or if you're being a little to quiet in class they notice and will come talk to you. DCS teachers, students and community is the most amazing thing."  Zoey Grade 8


"I love how kind our school staff is. They are willing to help whatever problems you have."  Calli Grade 5


"Drayton Christian school is a place where your safe, a place where you can trust everyone and everything, it’s a place where you can learn but still enjoy it. DCS has many great traits, but one of the best would be all the support that the teachers and students bring to each other."  Makayla Grade 8


"What I love about DCS is that I'm part of a big school family, DCS makes me feel at home away from home. The smiling staff and kind students are just amazing to come too, I look forward to going to school."

Hailey Grade 9


"I think that DCS is a wonderful school and I love how respectful and kind everyone there is."   

Taylor Grade 7